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The Colorado Book Award

Posted in Author Blog by Sandy Munro on July 18, 2012

I was gratified that Finding Uri was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award in the Creative Nonfiction category. On June 22nd with family and friends, we bravely attended the award ceremony. I had high hopes, which were only slightly dampened by the level of competition. There were successful authors there with multiple books—writers who taught writing programs and wrote plays. The long and short of it is, hey, I’m proud to have been nominated. Sure, I cried a little and screamed at the judges ... just kidding. The good part is that once or twice each week I hear from someone who is genuinely moved by the book. The nomination, and readers’ continuing responses have spurred me on in the new writing project. Thanks to everyone at People’s Press!


Colorado Cool Stuff - Digging Snowmastodon

Posted in by People's Press on June 4, 2012

“Digging Snowmastodon” among the “cool stuff” you need, says Colorado Biz.


Listen to Mark Stevens Talk about Buried by the Roan

Posted in In the Press by People's Press on May 3, 2012

The 64th episode of the Reading and Writing podcast features an interview with Mark Stevens, author of BURIED BY THE ROAN, the latest mystery novel featuring Alison Coil and rich with the Colorado setting. Click here to download the episode.


Colorado Book Awards select Finding Uri

Posted in Author Blog by Sandy Munro on April 16, 2012

I guess I was getting over mild feelings of dismay. My book had been submitted for several prizes, and yet there was no news. People seemingly love the book, and reviews have been almost embarrassingly positive, but I began to think that everyone was, perhaps, being kind. No one wanted to deliver the bad news, and my friends were all “blowing smoke.”

Now I’m all happy again, and pleased to announce that Finding Uri is been named a finalist in the Colorado Book Awards for this year. There will be a reading by category finalists in Denver on Thursday evening in Denver, and Award Winners will be announced in Aspen as part of the the Summer Words Literary Festival on June 22nd.

If you’re in the big city I’d love to have you drop by. It’s from 5 - 8pm at the Residence Inn at 1725 Champa Street.


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Snowmastodon Book Offers Inside Dirt on Big Dig

Posted in In the Press by People's Press on March 22, 2012

The Aspen Daily News: “The paleontologists who oversaw the historic dig that unearthed thousands of ice age bones in Snowmass Village last year have written a breezy, fun book that’s worthy of its fascinating subject.” Full Review.


“Digging Snowmastodon” on Colorado Public Radio

Posted in In the Press by People's Press on March 20, 2012

Listen to the whole interview about one of the biggest fossil discoveries in North America:


Review: “Digging Snowmastodon” Reveals Rest of Fossil Story

Posted in In the Press by People's Press on March 12, 2012

Anyone who was fascinated by what unfolded at Ziegler Reservoir near Snowmass Village in the past couple of years might want to find space on their bookshelf for “Digging Snowmastodon: Discovering an Ice Age World in the Colorado Rockies.”

At the very least, reading the book is a chance to be amazed all over again.

Full review


Fossils in Snowmass Continue to Fascinate

Posted in In the Press by People's Press on February 4, 2012

It started as a simple excavation project at a reservoir near Snowmass Village. It ended up as one of the largest fossil excavations ever, and the project will soon be featured in National Geographic and as a one-hour NOVA program on Rocky Mountain PBS. A book is also being written about the Snowmastodon Project. Read the full story here.


A woolly mystery long in the tooth

Posted in In the Press by People's Press on February 3, 2012

Preview of “Ice Age Death Trap,” the NOVA-related show about the “Digging Snowmastodon” find.


Ask Questions During NOVA Premiere

Posted in In the Press by People's Press on January 31, 2012


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